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Onion Email

The Ultimate layer of privacy protection for your online communications.

Block unwanted communication

Onion Email will block any emails that do not have a valid Core ID and permission to communicate with you.

Focus on Security

A valid Core ID and GPG/PGP encryption are required by default.

Core ID

CorePass is a new way to manage your identity, using a blockchain-based decentralized identity platform to manage Core IDs.

How to send your first onion email?

To successfully send an email, the sender must fulfill the following criteria:
  1. Provide your valid Core ID: The sender's email name, email's 'plus' addressing field, or the 'X-Coreid' header must contain a valid Core ID. The email will be rejected if no valid Core ID is found. Check the list of supported options for more information.
  2. Core ID validation: The provided Core ID must pass the ICAN check. The email will be rejected if the Core ID is invalid.
  3. Encrypt the email: The email body must be encrypted using PGP/GPG. The recipient's public key can be found in databases such as The email will be rejected if encryption is not found. Found out more about the key servers.
  4. Optionally - Sign the email: The sender's email can be signed using PGP/GPG. The email will be processed if no signature is found.
If all of these conditions are met, the email will be forwarded to the recipient. If any of these conditions are not met, the email will be rejected and an appropriate error message will be provided.

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