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How to send email?

To send the email successfully to onion.emal receiver's address you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Provide your Core ID with one of the following ways:
    1. Create your own email address with your Core ID, e.g. cb00…
    2. Append your Core ID into your email address, e.g. yourname+cb00…
    3. Define your Core ID as your name in your email client settings (first or second name).
    4. Add your Core ID to the email's headers items, e.g. X-Coreid: cb00…
  2. Encrypt your email's body with receiver GPG/PGP key. You can find the key on the dabase of public keys, e.g. or Otherwise ask the receiver about his public key.

Outlook example

Manual how to send email from Outlook to receiver's address: Send a digitally signed or encrypted message.

Thunderbird example

Manual how to send email from Thunderbird to receiver's address: Digitally Signing and Encrypting Messages.

MailMate example

Manual how to set CoreID in MailMate to automate the workflow process.

To learn more about OpenPGP and S/MIME support in MailMate, see the Security section of the manual.